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May 8, 2017

Entrepreneur and genuinely generous force in the world, Gret Glyer joins me to discuss his charity plat form, DonorSee.  If you're a regular listener you're no doubt familiar with this platform, which I can not talk up enough.  When I donate, I get constant updates from the aid workers who posted them, get videos and photos upon completion of the people who are helped by my donations thanking me for my generosity.

Gret talks about his experiences in Malawi which drove him to start DonorSee critiques of how charity is often managed, including one problem DonorSee has had with the Peace Corps.

I encourage you to download the DonorSee app, to make things easier for you when I tell you about charity projects on this show.  You can also visit DonorSee on PC at

You can find more of Gret on twitter, @gretglyer, and you should also check out his blog and sign up for his e-mail list at to stay up to date with him.