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Sep 16, 2017

Those of us who have been peered into the right (or wrong) pockets of individuals on the internet, you'll find all kind of terribly disturbing views.  Things we find atrocious.  Yet it seems like people put a microscope to certain events, inferring an immediate threat.   Even people predisposed to favoring sovereignty...

Sep 9, 2017

We begin today's episode with a tip of the hat to Walter Becker, co-founder, and musician in Steely Dan before hearing from not one, but two members of "The Scouting Report".  This band has a truly eclectic and unique sound, incorporating violin/fiddle in a masterful cohesion of genre bending qualities.  


Sep 2, 2017

I present to you, the first edition of the new segment, "Forbidden Notion".  Today I lay out the general direction the show will be taking, lay the groundwork for what to expect, and talk a little bit about the ideas behind why we're taking it in this direction.  

We've probably all seen the video going around of the...

Aug 30, 2017

I'm joined today by Scott McLain.  Like a lot of the artists you hear on this podcast, he represents the spirit of Americana as a blanket genre and has a lot of personal anecdotes to embellish his body of work.  

It's back to school time, help these kids get the resources they need!

Aug 5, 2017

You've all heard me talk a lot about what is called "post-rock" and have been hearing an artist named Nic Bommarito's music in the outros in a lot of the interviews, but today I have a founding member of one of my favorite bands of this genre, Philip Jamieson!  

I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to talk...