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Apr 27, 2017

Do you think the American culture has some social damage?  There's a song for that.  Have you ever pondered what an army of cold zombies sounds like, shuffling it's way across Eastern Europe?  There's a rock opera for that.  Ever heard of the power of different auditory frequencies having neurogenic and psychological effects on the human mind?  My guest today knows about this and so much more, which we go over in our episode today during your weekly dose of brilliant independent music.  We also discuss a little bit about the current social order as it happens to be, the peculiar phenomenon that we live in such a safe world, yet somehow the worst of the worst stories seem to rise to the top of the news, much like a small splash of oil in a large lake of fresh drinking water.  All of this and more, in today's interview.

Here are some places you can find Cody and his band, The Euclids: and

Special thanks once again to Nic Bommarito for the intro music to today's show!

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