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Apr 20, 2017

What comes to mind when I say "DJ"?  In the modern sense, you may expect to see a guy on stage in a club with a laptop and some equipment, dancing around and playing with knobs.  Well what if I told you there were still analog producers out there who are manually making the music as it runs?  To most of my audience who aren't audiophiles, this may not make you particularly excited, but the use of analog equipment produces a much higher sound quality without the compressed digitally stored samples that are generally used in this format.

Today, I'll let you get to know one of those people who produce such a thing as analog music.  He goes by the stage name Nutcracker Dungeonist.  As always on this show we come to find that my guests are so much more than musicians, but three dimensional human beings with much more behind them than their finished product that you end up hearing in the form of a couple minute songs/tracks.  Robert is a truly unique individual and this interview was truly a lot of fun to sit down and record.  

Here are the videos of Robert preforming his music: RUN546 LIVE and 8 mil sash

Here's the video of the DJ Mr Tape that we talked about in the interview

Today's charity project: . Please please please give what you can!

Outro music courtesy of Nic Bommarito. Here's where you can find him.